New Additions to Texts and Memorabilia

There have been several additions to the Texts and Memorabilia sections of the Archive.


lgl00001: Contract with Paul Bear Robe

lgl00015: Contract with Oscar Two Dog

lgl00004: Contract with Bushy Top Pine

lgl00014: Contract with Good Voice Elk

lgl00011: Contract with Laura Comes Out Holy

lgl00007: Contract with Jessie American Horse

lgl00003: Contract with Paul Bear Robe

lgl00006: Contract with James Black Bull

lgl00013: Contract with William Ghost Bear

lgl00009: Contract with Philip Blue Shield

lgl00005: Contract with Alvin Plenty Star

lgl00012: Contract with Joseph Elk Boy

lgl00008: Contract with John Bear Shield


css00274: Letter from William F. Cody to Clarence W. Rowley

css00230: Annotations added

css00157: Annotations added

css00196: Annotations added

css00123: Annotations added

css00136: Annotations added

css00226: Annotations added

css00158: Annotations added

css00275: Annotations added

css00130: Annotations added

css00122: Annotations added


prog.1885_wojo: Buffalo Bill’s Wild West

route.1899: Route Book Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Season 1899