Corrections to Links to the Smithsonian and Buffalo Bill Museum and Grave

Credit links to the Smithsonian Institute and Buffalo Bill Museum and Grave have been corrected under Illustrations and Photographs.

New Additions to Texts and Memorabilia

There have been several additions to the Texts and Memorabilia sections of the Archive.


lgl00001: Contract with Paul Bear Robe

lgl00015: Contract with Oscar Two Dog

lgl00004: Contract with Bushy Top Pine

lgl00014: Contract with Good Voice Elk

lgl00011: Contract with Laura Comes Out Holy

lgl00007: Contract with Jessie American Horse

lgl00003: Contract with Paul Bear Robe

lgl00006: Contract with James Black Bull

lgl00013: Contract with William Ghost Bear

lgl00009: Contract with Philip Blue Shield

lgl00005: Contract with Alvin Plenty Star

lgl00012: Contract with Joseph Elk Boy

lgl00008: Contract with John Bear Shield


css00274: Letter from William F. Cody to Clarence W. Rowley

css00230: Annotations added

css00157: Annotations added

css00196: Annotations added

css00123: Annotations added

css00136: Annotations added

css00226: Annotations added

css00158: Annotations added

css00275: Annotations added

css00130: Annotations added

css00122: Annotations added


prog.1885_wojo: Buffalo Bill’s Wild West

route.1899: Route Book Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Season 1899