Several Updates to the Archive

We have several interface changes we implemented to make using and searching the Archive easier and have added some new features.

Item Sorting in Search

When using the site Search, we added the ability to sort results by Relevance, Date, and Title.

Scholarship Reverse Sorting

Material under “Research” is now sorted in reverse chronological order.

Sub-Section Page Titles

To make it more clear where you are at when browsing the site, subsections now include the title at the top of the page. Previously, all that was displayed was the number of results. Now, page titles appear above the number of results.

Linked Author and Creator

Hyperlinks are now available for authors and creators so you can locate other documents by that person or company. Selecting “Cody, William Frederick, 1846-1917,” for example, will show you all documents authored by him.

New Feature: Personography

We have added a Personography section under “Life.” The Personography seeks to provide brief biographical material as well as all documents relevant to a particular person. Many more people will be added to the Personography over time.

New Feature: Encyclopedia

We have added an Encyclopedia section under “Life.” The Encyclopedia seeks to contextualize events, locations, places, and other non-person items important to Cody’s life. Many more items will be added to the Encyclopedia over time.