Business correspondence added

60 new business letters and telegrams have been added to the correspondence section. Fifty-eight of the letters — wfc.css00510, wfc.css00530585 and wfc.css00588 — are from William F. Cody to George T. Beck. One (wfc.css00587) is from Cody to Horace Alger and one (wfc.css00586) is to Edward Goodman. In addition, a personography entry has been made for James A. Bailey and an encyclopedia entry for the Lincoln Land Company.

New content added to letters, personography and encyclopedia

Annotations have been added to 28 letters — css00501css00509 and css00511css00529. In addition, the annotations in letters css00429, css00448, and css00450 have been enhanced. Mike Russell and Hudson Darrah have been added to the personography and Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Combined with Pawnee Bill’s Great Far East and the Cody Trading Company have been added to the encyclopedia.