1887 British tour articles added

Thirty news articles, most concerning the 1887 British Tour, have been added to the archive:

Life in London
Gladstone and Buffalo Bill
“Buffalo Bill” in England
The Anglo-American Boom
“Buffalo Bill”
Vic. and Red Shirt
The American Abroad
“Buffalo Bill” in Parliament
The Latest London Gossip
A Showman in Clover
Buffalo Bill in London
Buffalo Bill on the Cowboy
Buffalo Bill’s Early Days
Americans Abroad
Millions of Buffaloes
Letter from Buffalo Bill
Life in the Saddle
The Stage and the Ring
The Wild West
Buffalo Bill’s Royal Patrons
Wild West Eclipsed
Bill Nye and the Cowboys
Buffalo Bill’s Little Joke
The Wild West Show Abroad
Buffalo Bill at Windsor
The Accident to the King of Cowboys
Buffalo Bill’s Mascot
Buffalo Bill Comes Ashore
Buffalo Bill Sues a Steamboat Company