More newspaper articles online

These newspaper articles regarding the British tour are now online:

The Lion of London
“Gath’s” Visit to Buffalo Bill
The Queen at the Show
Buffalo Bill
Nate Salsbury’s Welcome
The Wild West Show
“Red Indians in Camp”
Buffalo Bill as an Author
Track and stable talk
Sugared Popcorn
The Coming of Cody
Notes and Opinions
Buffalo Bill Back
Buffalo Bill a Bigger Man Than Minister Phelps
Buffalo Bill’s Barbecue
My First Dead Indian
The Wild West
“Wild West” Show a Success
The Cowboy Craze
Fighting and Trapping
Buffalo Bill’s Long Ride
Buffalo Bill’s Bar
Untitled [In Matthew Arnold’s last criticism]
Buffalo Bill and Albert Edward
Buffalo Bill in England
They Went Back and Lied
The Biggest Man in London
Americans in London
Rambles about Europe
The National Defenses

Annotations added

Annotations have been added to the following newspaper articles:

The Anglo-American Boom
Buffalo Bill
Latest London Gossip
The Stage and the Ring
Buffalo Bill’s Patrons
Wild West Eclipsed
Bill Nye and the Cowboys
Buffalo Bill’s Little Joke
Buffalo Bill Comes Ashore