58 posters added

Distinguished Visitors

Fifty eight posters have been added to the archive, including the following European Tours posters:

From Prairie to Palace
Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Col. W. F. Cody
Distinguished Visitors to Buffalo Bill’s Wild West, London, 1887
Buffalo Bill’s Wild West World’s Wondrous Voyages
Sincerely Yours W. F. Cody “Buffalo Bill”
Je Viens
Mexicians Ruralies et Vacqueros
La Rana nel Wild West
Un Spectacle Sans Rival Unique Au Monde
Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Des Chevaux Qui Jouent Au Foot Ball
Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Entente Cordiale Col. W. F. Cody
Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Cavalerie Exercices Americains
Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Cosaques du Caucase
Buffalo Bill’s Wild West [Indian on paint horse]
Buffalo Bill’s WIld West Araber in der W├╝ste
I Am Coming
Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Rosa Bonheur, Napoleon, and William F. Cody

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