25 new newspaper articles up

The following newspaper articles have been added:

The American in London
The American Exhibition
Buffalo Bill Going to London
Buffalo Bill’s New Show
Buffalo Bill’s Near Farewell
London Conquered
Untitled [The career of Buffalo William in England]
The Wild West Show in Berlin
Mr. B. Bill at Hamburg
Gossip from Abroad
Buffalo Bill in Berlin
The News of Europe
Rival Shows
Buffalo Bill’s German Tour
Buffalo Bill Protests
Our Sioux Swells
The Two Wild Wests
Royal Visit to the American Exhibition
Buffalo Bill in Europe
The Wild West Way
Buffalo Bill Going to Europe
The Lion of London
A Letter From Buffalo Bill
The King of the Cowboys
Cody’s Indians Come Back

More European tours materials available

The following articles from periodicals have been added:

Wapiti-Running on the Plains
The American Exhibition
Buffalo Bill and the Wild West
Buffalo Bill’s First Trail
The American Exhibition
The Only Jones
Cowboys and Buffalo Bill
“Buffalo Bill” to Uncle Sam
Buffalo Bill Upon the Indian Question
Buffalo Bill’s New Horsemen
Summary of News
Buffalo Bill and Bouncing Joe
British Side-Glances at America

These British newspaper articles have also been added:

Buffalo Bill Booming
With the Indians on the Derby Day
Some Still Wilder Reminiscences
Latest News from the Wild West
Guy Fawkes Celebration
“Wild West” Indians at a Police Court
Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show
Buffalo Bill’s “Wild West” in Manchester
The Wild West Show
Buffalo Bill Burlesqued at the Cardiff Theatre
A Sioux Baby’s Baptism
The Wild West Show
The Sunday Amusements of the Upper Classes
Farewell Performance of the Wild West

Cabinet Cards and Photographs added

Lillian Smth

Lillian Smith

The following Cabinet Cards have been added:
Lillian Smith
Andrew Link
Henry Kniep
Member of Buffalo Bill’s Cowboy Band
Member of Buffalo Bill’s Cowboy Band (with drum)
Mule drawn Deadwood stagecoach

along with these 21 photographs:
Buffalo Bills Wild West Cow Boy Band the American Exhibition London
Cowboys from Buffalo Bill’s Wild West
African American man mounted on a horse
Marve Beardsley, Clarence Buell, a cowgirl and a cowboy
Cast of Buffalo Bill’s Wild West
Cossacks mounted on horses
Teophane Kavtaradze
Della Ferrell
William F. Cody and King Ludwig III of Bavaria
Cowboy mounted on horse in wild west
Eight Cossacks
Wild west show mess tent decorated for 4th of July
Broncho Bill and family
William F. Cody sitting on a chair in front of a tent
William F. Cody, Major Burke, George Sword, Buck Taylor, English policemen and press
William F. Cody, men, women and children in tipi
William F. Cody near his tent in the back lot of the wild west show
Annie Oakley
William F. Cody riding a running horse in arena
Buck Taylor mounted on a horse