Newspaper articles added to the archive

The following newspaper articles have been added to the archive:

Buffalo Bill’s Views
Sitting Bull Talks
The Indian War
The Indian Campaign
The Savages and Schurz
Buffalo Bill’s Good-Bye
Indians as Soldiers
Indians at Police Headquarters
His First Indian
Cody Lauds President
Col. Cody, Scout and Indian Fighter
Buffalo Bill on the Indian
Blessed by the Pope
Rumors of a Battle
Lo, The Poor Settler
No Battle Took Place
Red Men Bite the Dust
Buffalo Bill’s Indians
Half-Breeds Scared
Buffalo Bill’s Gloomy View
Buffalo Bill Gloomy
The Indian War
Fought His Last Fight
Lieut. Casey Murdered
Will Surrender Today
The Last Chapter
Indians Remain Out
Indian War
Indian Uprising
Dissatisfied Indians
“Buffalo Bill” in the Vatican
Talk With Buffalo Bill
Buffalo Bill as a Brave
Dug Rifle Pits
Expert Rough Riding
At The Vatican
Among The Indians
Indians and Buffaloes

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