24 newspaper articles now available

The following newspaper articles have been added to the Cody Archive:

The Funniest of Marriages
Texas Jack
Texas Jack’s Grave
Christian Labor Along the Line of the Union Pacific Railroad
Two Famous Scouts
Cowboys In Old Verona
Skill with a Six-Shooter
“Wild Bill” Hickok
Buffalo Bill—Last of the Vanished Wild West’s Heroes
Is Marriage a Failure?
The Coronation Anniversary
Rome and Nebraska
Sitting Bull’s Last Days
A Notable Scout
A Bloody Drama
The Shooting of a Boy by Buffalo Bill
Buffalo Bill and Wild Bill
Our Own Cowboys in Europe
The Last of the Buffalo
Buffalo Bill
A Frontier Hero
Shot by Accident
The District Fair at Valley Falls
Wild Bill Hikok [sic]

Italian tour newspaper articles up


The following articles about Cody’s performances in Italy are now available:

Untitled [The Niçois]
Rome Gossip | Buffalo Bill
“Sunny” Italy | The Pope and the Wild West
Indians at the Vatican
The Wild West at the Vatican
Buffalo Bill’s Boys
Buffalo Bill’s Riders
Notes from Rome
A Roman Holiday
Roman Doings | Grand Reception at the Primoli Palace–Buffalo Bill, Indian Chiefs and Italian Beauties
The Pope and the Wild West
Untitled [Buffalo Bill has the reputation as a smart businessman]
Society in Florence
Untitled [Letter from Buffalo Bill]
Wild West in Rome | “Buffalo Bill,” His Indians and Cowboys, Received by Leo XIII
Roman Wild Horses Tamed by Cowboys
Untitled [Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show]
Untitled [Buffalo Bill, humourist, showman]
Buffalo Bill in Italy | Italian Riders on American Buck-Jumpers
Roman Society | A Touching Incident That Recently Occurred at the Vatican
Wild West in Rome | How Colonel Cody’s Cowboys Rode Some Wild Horses of the Pontine Marshes
The Pope and the Red Men
Marksmanship: Past and Present
Cowboys Ride in Rome | They Accept a Challenge to Ride Unbroken Native Horses
A Popular Bill
News from Rome
Untitled [Buffalo Bill’s most recent achievement]
Buffalo Bill in Rome
Untitled [“Buffalo Bill” feels rather chagrined]
“Buffalo Bill” in Rome
Buffalo Bill’s Cowboys in Rome
Untitled [Colonel Cody’s exploits in the Old World]
Buffalo Bill’s Present to the Pope
Buffalo Bill in Italy
Untitled [Mr. Porter, Commissioner of the Census]
Florence Gossip | The Artists’ Humoristic Exhibition
Amusements and Sporting | Buffalo Bill in Rome
A Twenty Years’ View | Five Men Who Have Been Prominent through Two Decades
Travel and Emigration | Buffalo Bill in Italy