Earl’s Court Newspaper Articles Up

Newspaper articles from the 1892 London scrapbook concerning performances at Earl’s Court are now online.

Buffalo Bill, whose portrait we give
New Exhibition at Earl’s Court
Colonel Cody
The International Horticultural Exhibition
The opening of the Horticultural Exhibition
A show of international horsemanship
One day we journeyed to the Wild West
The Buffalo Billeries at West Brompton
Oh, perfidious Albion
Ten Cossacks
On Thursday last
Cowboys at St. Paul’s
Banquet of the International Society at Earl’s Court
International Horticultural Exhibition
What It Costs to Work the “Wild West”
Fairyland at Earl’s Court
Ta-ra-ra Boom-de-ay is dead
Woman’s Mirror
Accident at the “Wild West”
The Red Man “On Tour”
A Strange Congregation at St. Paul’s Cathedral
The Horticultural Exhibition
Sketches at the Wild West Show
Overheard at Earl’s Court
The Wild West Show at Earl’s Court
Cossacks and Wild Westers
Cossacks at Earl’s Court
Cossacks at Earls-Court
A Cossack Invasion
The Cossacks at the Wild West
International Horticultural Exhibition at Earl’s Court
Buffalo Bill Redivivus
Wild East and Wild West
The International Horticultural Exhibition
Marvellous Horsemen