Italian tour newspaper articles up


The following articles about Cody’s performances in Italy are now available:

Untitled [The Niçois]
Rome Gossip | Buffalo Bill
“Sunny” Italy | The Pope and the Wild West
Indians at the Vatican
The Wild West at the Vatican
Buffalo Bill’s Boys
Buffalo Bill’s Riders
Notes from Rome
A Roman Holiday
Roman Doings | Grand Reception at the Primoli Palace–Buffalo Bill, Indian Chiefs and Italian Beauties
The Pope and the Wild West
Untitled [Buffalo Bill has the reputation as a smart businessman]
Society in Florence
Untitled [Letter from Buffalo Bill]
Wild West in Rome | “Buffalo Bill,” His Indians and Cowboys, Received by Leo XIII
Roman Wild Horses Tamed by Cowboys
Untitled [Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show]
Untitled [Buffalo Bill, humourist, showman]
Buffalo Bill in Italy | Italian Riders on American Buck-Jumpers
Roman Society | A Touching Incident That Recently Occurred at the Vatican
Wild West in Rome | How Colonel Cody’s Cowboys Rode Some Wild Horses of the Pontine Marshes
The Pope and the Red Men
Marksmanship: Past and Present
Cowboys Ride in Rome | They Accept a Challenge to Ride Unbroken Native Horses
A Popular Bill
News from Rome
Untitled [Buffalo Bill’s most recent achievement]
Buffalo Bill in Rome
Untitled [“Buffalo Bill” feels rather chagrined]
“Buffalo Bill” in Rome
Buffalo Bill’s Cowboys in Rome
Untitled [Colonel Cody’s exploits in the Old World]
Buffalo Bill’s Present to the Pope
Buffalo Bill in Italy
Untitled [Mr. Porter, Commissioner of the Census]
Florence Gossip | The Artists’ Humoristic Exhibition
Amusements and Sporting | Buffalo Bill in Rome
A Twenty Years’ View | Five Men Who Have Been Prominent through Two Decades
Travel and Emigration | Buffalo Bill in Italy

New newspaper articles online


The following newspaper articles are now available:

The Wild West on the Sea
Indian Not a Stoic
Indians Protest against Battle Picture
Indians Enter Protest
Red Cloud | The Sioux Chief Makes His Statement
Buffalo Bill’s Indians at the Vatican
Indian’s Appeal | Red Cloud, Aged Sioux Chieftan, Writes Pathetic Letter to Buffalo Bill
The American-Indian Fighting
Untitled [The hostile Indians]
The American Indian Rising
The American Indian Rising | Reuter’s Telegrams
Buffalo Bill’s Visit to Glasgow
Untitled [Buffalo Bill and his braves]
Untitled [Colonel Cody is European in celebrity]
Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show in Glasgow
Buffalo Bill’s Wild West
Miss Annie Oakley
“The Wild West” opens on Thursday
Town Tattle | [The “Wild West” fever is running high]
Police Bazaar Sketches
Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show in Glasgow
“Buffalo Bill’s” Wild West Show in Glasgow
Opening of Buffalo Bill’s Show
Buffalo Bill’s Wild West
Untitled [Buffalo Bill opening]
Buffalo Bill’s “Wild West”
Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show
Untitled [Buffalo William as Artemus Ward]
Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show
Buffalo Bill’s Show
Untitled [Buffalo Bill a picturesque figure]
Untitled [I prefer Lo the poor Indian]
Buffalo Bill’s Wild West
Buffalo Bill and Indians In Grand Hotel
Buffalo Bill and the School Children
Untitled [Buffalo Bill’s Wild West]
Untitled [Comical attempt to imitate Buffalo Bill]
Charging Thunder
Marriage of Buffalo Bill’s Interpreter
“Charging Thunder” Gets Thirty Days | His Lemonade Was Mixed
Monday Gossip [Colonel Cody]
“Charging Thunder” Sent to Prison
The Wild West Show
Untitled [Courtesy of Colonel Cody]
Untitled [Several ladies from the Medical Mission Training Home]
Untitled [Mr. Nat Salisbury to celebrate New Year in the United States]
Untitled [Commencement of the second portion of stay]
Untitled [Our cartoon Shulis performers]
The Wild West Show
Untitled [Major Burke of the Wild West]
Untitled [Cowboy Band]
Untitled [Buffalo Bill concluding nights]
Wild West Show
Buffalo Bill’s Wild West
Wild West Show-Coatbridge and Airdrie
Untitled [Colonel Cody’s mammoth show]
Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Cowboy Band
Wild West Cowboy Band Entertainment
The “Wild West” End
Entertainment in the Theatre Royal
Close of the Wild West Show
Departure of Buffalo Bill’s Indians
Town Tattle | [“Groveries” did not survive long]
Shooting Accident at Pebbles

American Exhibition articles & cartoons added

Thirty-four newspaper articles about the American Exhibition in London have been added:

The American Exhibition in London
Untitled [Buffalo Bill’s Wild West had sailed]
The American Exhibition
The Wild-West Show
Buffalo Bill in Camp
Mr. Gladstone at the American Exhibition
“Red Shirt” On Mr. Gladstone
Untitled [Red Shirt is being lionised]
The American Exhibition
Opening of the American Exhibition
Opening of the American Exhibition in London
The Queen at Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show
The Queen in London
The Wild West Show
The Queen and the American Exhibition
Buffalo Bill at Brompton
“Red Shirt’s” Opinion of the Queen
Our Ladies’ Column
Buffalo Bill Performs a Marriage
More About Buffalo Bill’s Red Skins
Untitled [The Argonaut has some observations]
Untitled [The visitors to Buffalo Bill’s Wild West]
Untitled [Buffalo Bill’s daughter]
Buffalo Bill in a Fix
Untitled [An application was made to Mr. Justice Chitty]
The American Exhibition
The Wild West in Chancery
“Buffalo Bill.” A Dangerous Game
Untitled [In the Court of Chancery]
Buffalo Bill’s Red Indians
Opening Of The Wild West Show at Aston
Daring Robbery From Buffalo Bill’s Wild West
Untitled [Two Sioux Indians]
Buffalo Bill and the Princess of Wales

In addition, 25 cartoons or periodical illustrations are now online:
Buffalo Bill from Judy
Buffalo Bill’s “Wild West” Show in England from Puck
Buffalo Bill’s Wild West show at the American Exhibition, Earl’s Court from The Graphic
The Other Side of the Question—Yankee-Mania in England from Judge
“The Last of the Mohicans” Realized in London from Penny Illustrated Paper
At the Billeries from Punch
The Great White Chief from Judy
Days with Celebrities from Moonshine
The Queen at the Wild West Show of the Great American Exhibition from Illustrated London News
The Queen’s Visit to the East End from The Graphic
A Derby Day Romance, and what came of it from Judy
On Their Return from Puck
Buffalo Bill at Windsor from Life
Our Turn Next from Punch
What we may expect to see when the Wild West show returns from abroad from Judge
The Wild West Show at West Brompton from The Graphic
Getting it Hot from Judy
The “Wild West” at the Great American Exhibition: Hunting Bison and Wapiti Deer from Illustrated London News
The Wild West Show at West Brompton from The Illustrated Foreign News
A Sickening Blow to the Anglomaniac from Life
Prince of Wales from Judge
Why Wouldn’t a Wild East Show be Popular, too? from Puck
What our Prince & Princess Saw of “Buffalo Bill’s” Show from Penny Illustrated Paper and Illustrated Times
Our Fourth of July Celebrations from The Penny Illustrated Paper and Illustrated Times
The Queen’s Visit to the Wild West Show at West Brompton from The Graphic