Business correspondence added

60 new business letters and telegrams have been added to the correspondence section. Fifty-eight of the letters — wfc.css00510, wfc.css00530585 and wfc.css00588 — are from William F. Cody to George T. Beck. One (wfc.css00587) is from Cody to Horace Alger and one (wfc.css00586) is to Edward Goodman. In addition, a personography entry has been made for James A. Bailey and an encyclopedia entry for the Lincoln Land Company.

Notes added to 60 letters

Annotations have been added to 60 letters – css00440 to css00500 – most from William F. Cody to George Beck. In addition, nine people have been added to the personography – George Canfield, Sherman Canfield, Edward Goodman, Frank Grouard, Charles Hayden, Theodore Heckert, John Peake, Jerry Ryan, and Ernest Van Dreveldt – and three encyclopedia entries have been added – Cotton States and International Exposition, the W. F. Cody Transportation Company, and Marquette, Wyoming.