Images from “Lakota Performers in Europe”


Selected images from Lakota Performers in Europe by Steve Friesen are now online:

Sam Lone Bear
Sam Lone Bear
White Buffalo Man, aka Thomas Stabber, and his wife Sallie
John Little Elks, Virginia Little Elks, and Lucy Little Elks
Edward Two Two’s Gravestone
Trunks of Lakota Materials
Lakota Artifact Identification Tags
Daniel Black Horn
Lakotas Demonstrating Breaking Camp
William F. Cody with Lakota and Pawnee Indians
John Little Elk, Sam Lone Bear, Joshua Spotted Owl, Francis Little Moon, Charlie Little Boy, and Gilbert Little Moon with Visitors
1935 Exposition Map
Francois Chladiuk and Walter Littlemoon
Francois Chladiuk in Front of Western Shop
Lakota Performers
Lakota Performers
Lakota Performers
Headdress with Train
August Hermans and Lakota Performer
August Hermans
August Hermans and Friend
John Little Elk
John Little Elks, Virginia Little Elks, and Lucy Little Elks (verso)
John Little Elk’s Vest
Francis Little Moon Armbands
Francis Little Moon, Wilson Little Moon, Joe Little Moon, Pauline Little Moon, Rose Little Moon, and Gilbert Little Moon
Francis Little Moon, Wilson Little Moon, Joe Little Moon, Pauline Little Moon, Rose Little Moon, and Gilbert Little Moon with Visitor
Francis Little Moon Wearing Armbands
Joe Little Moon and Rosa Little Moon
Sam Lone Bear, Pauline Little Moon, and Gilbert Little Moon
Beaded Necktie
Necktie with Flags
Picture Frame
Pine Ridge School in 1890s
Red, White, and Blue Headdress
Rosa Little Moon’s Moccasins
Rosa Little Moon Wearing Moccasins
Sam Lone Bear in 1903
Sam Lone Bear and Mark Spider
Sam Lone Bear’s Moccasins
Lakota Performers in Brussels
Watch Fob
Associated American Indian Group Letterhead
Sam Lone Bear’s Business Card
Page from Souvenir Guidebook to the 1935 Exposition Universelle et Internationale

Cabinet Cards and Photographs added

Lillian Smth

Lillian Smith

The following Cabinet Cards have been added:
Lillian Smith
Andrew Link
Henry Kniep
Member of Buffalo Bill’s Cowboy Band
Member of Buffalo Bill’s Cowboy Band (with drum)
Mule drawn Deadwood stagecoach

along with these 21 photographs:
Buffalo Bills Wild West Cow Boy Band the American Exhibition London
Cowboys from Buffalo Bill’s Wild West
African American man mounted on a horse
Marve Beardsley, Clarence Buell, a cowgirl and a cowboy
Cast of Buffalo Bill’s Wild West
Cossacks mounted on horses
Teophane Kavtaradze
Della Ferrell
William F. Cody and King Ludwig III of Bavaria
Cowboy mounted on horse in wild west
Eight Cossacks
Wild west show mess tent decorated for 4th of July
Broncho Bill and family
William F. Cody sitting on a chair in front of a tent
William F. Cody, Major Burke, George Sword, Buck Taylor, English policemen and press
William F. Cody, men, women and children in tipi
William F. Cody near his tent in the back lot of the wild west show
Annie Oakley
William F. Cody riding a running horse in arena
Buck Taylor mounted on a horse

58 posters added

Distinguished Visitors

Fifty eight posters have been added to the archive, including the following European Tours posters:

From Prairie to Palace
Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Col. W. F. Cody
Distinguished Visitors to Buffalo Bill’s Wild West, London, 1887
Buffalo Bill’s Wild West World’s Wondrous Voyages
Sincerely Yours W. F. Cody “Buffalo Bill”
Je Viens
Mexicians Ruralies et Vacqueros
La Rana nel Wild West
Un Spectacle Sans Rival Unique Au Monde
Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Des Chevaux Qui Jouent Au Foot Ball
Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Entente Cordiale Col. W. F. Cody
Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Cavalerie Exercices Americains
Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Cosaques du Caucase
Buffalo Bill’s Wild West [Indian on paint horse]
Buffalo Bill’s WIld West Araber in der Wüste
I Am Coming
Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Rosa Bonheur, Napoleon, and William F. Cody

See all new 58 on the Posters page.

American Exhibition articles & cartoons added

Thirty-four newspaper articles about the American Exhibition in London have been added:

The American Exhibition in London
Untitled [Buffalo Bill’s Wild West had sailed]
The American Exhibition
The Wild-West Show
Buffalo Bill in Camp
Mr. Gladstone at the American Exhibition
“Red Shirt” On Mr. Gladstone
Untitled [Red Shirt is being lionised]
The American Exhibition
Opening of the American Exhibition
Opening of the American Exhibition in London
The Queen at Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show
The Queen in London
The Wild West Show
The Queen and the American Exhibition
Buffalo Bill at Brompton
“Red Shirt’s” Opinion of the Queen
Our Ladies’ Column
Buffalo Bill Performs a Marriage
More About Buffalo Bill’s Red Skins
Untitled [The Argonaut has some observations]
Untitled [The visitors to Buffalo Bill’s Wild West]
Untitled [Buffalo Bill’s daughter]
Buffalo Bill in a Fix
Untitled [An application was made to Mr. Justice Chitty]
The American Exhibition
The Wild West in Chancery
“Buffalo Bill.” A Dangerous Game
Untitled [In the Court of Chancery]
Buffalo Bill’s Red Indians
Opening Of The Wild West Show at Aston
Daring Robbery From Buffalo Bill’s Wild West
Untitled [Two Sioux Indians]
Buffalo Bill and the Princess of Wales

In addition, 25 cartoons or periodical illustrations are now online:
Buffalo Bill from Judy
Buffalo Bill’s “Wild West” Show in England from Puck
Buffalo Bill’s Wild West show at the American Exhibition, Earl’s Court from The Graphic
The Other Side of the Question—Yankee-Mania in England from Judge
“The Last of the Mohicans” Realized in London from Penny Illustrated Paper
At the Billeries from Punch
The Great White Chief from Judy
Days with Celebrities from Moonshine
The Queen at the Wild West Show of the Great American Exhibition from Illustrated London News
The Queen’s Visit to the East End from The Graphic
A Derby Day Romance, and what came of it from Judy
On Their Return from Puck
Buffalo Bill at Windsor from Life
Our Turn Next from Punch
What we may expect to see when the Wild West show returns from abroad from Judge
The Wild West Show at West Brompton from The Graphic
Getting it Hot from Judy
The “Wild West” at the Great American Exhibition: Hunting Bison and Wapiti Deer from Illustrated London News
The Wild West Show at West Brompton from The Illustrated Foreign News
A Sickening Blow to the Anglomaniac from Life
Prince of Wales from Judge
Why Wouldn’t a Wild East Show be Popular, too? from Puck
What our Prince & Princess Saw of “Buffalo Bill’s” Show from Penny Illustrated Paper and Illustrated Times
Our Fourth of July Celebrations from The Penny Illustrated Paper and Illustrated Times
The Queen’s Visit to the Wild West Show at West Brompton from The Graphic

Remastered videos & other Archive changes

The video clips have been remastered and uploaded to youtube with links from the video page.

Two new categories have been added to the Images section. Visual Art replaces the category previously called Paintings. In addition, because of the abundance of Cabinet Cards, we are currently in the process of pulling them out of the general Photographs category and placing them in their own section.

Three new programs — a 66-page program and a 34-page program from 1877 as well as a program from May 31, 1886 — have been uploaded.

The first scrapbook — a 1914 scrapbook filled with newspaper clippings — has been added to the Archive.

Delaney provides audio commentary on Käsebier images

Michelle Delaney, Director, Consortium for Understanding the American Experience at the Smithsonian Institution, has provided audio commentary for 25 images created by Gertrude Käsebier.

Commentary on “Amos Two Bulls, Sioux Indian”
Commentary on “Bad Bear, Sioux Indian”
Commentary on “Charging Thunder (or Whirling Hawk)”
Commentary on “Chief Iron Tail, Sioux Indian”
Commentary on “Chief Joe Black Fox, Sioux Indian”
Commentary on “Drawing, ‘Sammy Lone Bear, Catch Girls'”
Commentary on “High Heron and Has No Horses, Sioux Indians”
Commentary on “High Heron, Sioux Indian performer in Buffalo Bill’s Wild West, tipi behind”
Commentary on “Käsebier studio, Sioux Indians drawing”
Commentary on “Mary Lone Bear”
Commentary on “Paul”
Commentary on “Phillip Standing Soldier, Sioux Indian”
Commentary on “Photograph of Whirling Horse, Sioux Indian mounted with drawings of buffalo, tipi, Indian and horse”
Commentary on “Plenty Wounds, Sioux Indian”
Commentary on “Samuel American Horse and wife, Sioux Indians”
Commentary on “Samuel Lone Bear”
Commentary on “Short Man, Sioux Indian”
Commentary on “Sioux Indian Spotted Tail and family, tipi”
Commentary on “Sioux Indians photographed in Gertrude Kasebier’s Studio”
Commentary on “Sioux Indians, possibly South Dakota Black Hills”
Commentary on “Sitting Holy, Sioux Indian”
Commentary on “The Red Man”
Commentary on “Whirlwind Horse”
Commentary on “Wife of American Horse, Sioux Indian”
Commentary on “Willie Spotted Horse”