Col. W.F. Cody (“Buffalo Bill”) Historical Pictures Company materials now online

The following materials about the Col. W.F. Cody (“Buffalo Bill”) Historical Pictures Company are now online:

Legal documents online

Twelve legal documents are now online:

wfc.lgl00021 – Surveyor Note—Description of land and location of Burlington Railroad pump house near Cody, Wyoming
wfc.lgl00022 – Contractual Agreement
wfc.lgl00023 – Legal Instrument naming Bronson Rumsey as Trustee
wfc.lgl00024 – Quit-claims Deed
wfc.lgl00025 – Contractual Agreement
wfc.lgl00026 – Cover letter and Letters of Administration, Estate of Horace C. Alger
wfc.lgl00027 – Last Will and Testament of Horace C. Alger
wfc.lgl00028 – Order of Distribution of remaining property of the Horace C. Alger Estate
wfc.lgl00029 – Annexation Document
wfc.lgl00030 – Unsigned copy of legal document designating Bronson Rumsey as trustee
wfc.lgl00031 – Shoshone Irrigation Company Agreement
wfc.lgl00032 – General Release of George Bleistein from Cody Trading Company