Programs and posters up

Three new programs have been added to the archive:

A Peep at the Wild West
The Rough Rider Annual
Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Brief Program, England

And The Wild West Buffalo Bill and Dr. Carver Rocky Mountain and Prairie Exhibition has been updated to add missing text.

Also two new posters are up:

Johnnie Baker, The Marvelous Marksman
The Visit of Their Majesties


Remastered videos & other Archive changes

The video clips have been remastered and uploaded to youtube with links from the video page.

Two new categories have been added to the Images section. Visual Art replaces the category previously called Paintings. In addition, because of the abundance of Cabinet Cards, we are currently in the process of pulling them out of the general Photographs category and placing them in their own section.

Three new programs — a 66-page program and a 34-page program from 1877 as well as a program from May 31, 1886 — have been uploaded.

The first scrapbook — a 1914 scrapbook filled with newspaper clippings — has been added to the Archive.

Additions to Multimedia

Three new film clips have been added to the Multimedia section.

00017: Custer Battlefield

00018: Rodeo

00019: Buffalo Bill and Friends Visit Demaris Springs


Additions to Multimedia

Five new video clips have been added to the Multimedia section:

00012: Buffalo Bill’s Bronco Busters

00013: Buffalo Bill’s Last Hunt

00014: Nearly as Exciting as Fighting Indians

00015: A Meeting of Two Rulers

00016: They Make it Four Handed