Italian, German and English materials now available


Nate Salsbury’s News
Buffalo Bill in Italy
Buffalo Bill in Swansea
Our William in Germany
From the Holy City
Current Topics in Europe
He Shoots Awry
Buffalo Bills
Untitled [Divertimenti del “Buffalo Bill”]
Interviews with Notorious People
Gauchos at Buffalo Bill’s
Untitled “Yesterday afternoon, Buffalo Bill
The “Wild West” at Windsor
The Wild West At Stoke
An Accident At The Wild West Show
Buffalo Bill in Bristol
Untitled [No less than five special trains…]
Untitled [The entertainment proper, which was yesterday]
Ohne Titel [Die Buffalo Bill Wild West–Truppe wird morgen] | Untitled [Buffalo Bill’s Wild West troupe will arrive tomorrow]
Bekanntmachung | Notice
(Buffalo Bill geht.) | (Buffalo Bill is departing.)

More European tour newspaper articles

Four stories from Cody’s 1890 German tour are now available:
Buffalo Bills Wild West in Dresden
Die Premiere des Buffalo
Buffalo Bill hat seinem Einzug in Bremen
Buffalo Bill’s Ankunft

Additional articles from England and Italy are also online:
A Marvellous Voice
Summer Days in England
King Saw Buffalo Bill
Gift from the King
A Trumpet-Toned Orator
Orator Richmond Dead
The Last “Wild West”
Visit to Tunbridge Wells
Cody and the Coliseum

Italian Program and more Horticultural Exhibition materials available


An 1890 Italian program (4-page summary program) and more materials concerning the Horticultural Exhibition are now available:

Italian Program
Funeral of Frank Richmond
The Horticultural Exhibition
From Far West To Nearer East
Earl’s Court Exhibition
International Horticultural Exhibition
Opening Of The Earl’s Court Exhibition
The Earl’s Court Exhibition
The International Horticultural Exhibition
The International Horticultural Exhibition, Earl’s Court
Opening of the Earl’s Court Exhibition
Untitled [Now I suppose]
Untitled [I think the Horticultural]
Untitled [The International Horticultural Exhibition]
The Looker On
The Horticultural Exhibition
The Horticultural Exhibition
Cowboys at St. Paul’s
International Horticultural Exhibition
International Horticultural Exhibition
Untitled [The “Wild West”]
Burial of an Indian Chief in London
Untitled [It is not generally known]
Horticultural Exhibition
Untitled [The Duc D’Orleans visited]
The International Horticultural Exhibition
Untitled [Her Majesty, accompanied by]
Untitled [Her Majesty witnessed]
The “Wild West” Show at Windsor Castle
Untitled [Let us hope that Buffalo Bill]
Untitled [It was a glorious morning]
A Romantic Marriage
Buffalo Bill’s Show
Indian War Dance at Buffalo Bill’s “Wild West,” Earl’s Court
Untitled [In Buffalo Bill’s camp]
Untitled [The Indians belonging to the Wild West Show]
Off Duty at the “Wild West”: An International Game
Untitled [The stern administration of Western justice]
Untitled [The end fast approaches of Buffalo Bill’s Farewell]
The Wild West
The International Horticultural Exhibition—Buffalo Bill’ Wild West
Untitled [Frank Richmond died in Barcelona]
Hard Luck For The Wild West

Articles about the Wild West’s performances in Dresden, Germany

The following newspaper articles from the German Scrapbook detailing the Wild West’s performances in Dresden June 1-16, 1890 are now available:

Buffalo Bills Wilder Westen | Buffalo Bill’s Wild West
Dresden. Einen ungewohnten Anblick bot am Sonnabend | Dresden. An unfamiliar sight was offered on Saturday
Die gestrige dritte Vorstellung von Buffalo Bill’s | Yesterday, the third performance of Buffalo Bill’s “Wild West”
Buffalo Bill’s Wild West in Dresden
Die letzte Sonntagsvorstellung von Buffalo Bill’s Wild West in Dresden | Last Sunday’s presentation of Buffalo Bill’s Wild West in Dresden
Der König und die Königin besuchten am Montag | On Monday afternoon, the King and Queen visited
Tagesbericht. — Buffalo Bills Wild West wird morgen | Daily Report. — Buffalo Bill’s Wild West in Dresden will tomorrow draw to its close
Die Wirkungen der Vorstellungen Buffalo Bill’s | The effects of Buffalo Bill’s performances
Die Buffalo Bill’s Wild–West–Truppe | The Buffalo Bill Wild West troupe
Buffalo Bill eröffnete gestern Nachmittag pünktlich 4 Uhr | Buffalo Bill opened his long–advertised show punctually at 4 o’clock yesterday

Annie Oakley Scrapbook

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The following articles from the Annie Oakley Scrapbook are now online:

Miss Annie Oakley
Miss Annie Oakley
Miss Annie Oakley, of Pine Brook
Untitled [The famous rifle and trap shot, Miss Annie Oakley]
Untitled [Just before closing her engagement with the Wild West]
Untitled [Miss Annie Oakley]
Shooting at Flyers
Pigeon Shooting
Untitled [Wm. B. Kennedy claims that his wife can beat]
Untitled [Under Frankey’s guidance, I made my way]
Untitled [The scores made by Miss Annie Oakley]
Untitled [Annie Oakley, a modest young lady]
Untitled [Another eminent American, to wit, Buffalo Bill]
Miss Annie Oakley
Untitled [I elicited the following from Buck Taylor]
Untitled [“What do you call that?” she asked her cavalier]
Royal Visit to the American Exhibition
Untitled [There is so much excellent material]
Chit-Chat and the Drama
A Private View of Buffalo Bill
Untitled [The Wild West Show went a great deal better]
The Prince of Wales at the Wild West Show
Untitled [Amongst the skilled in arms of precision]
Untitled [Yesterday the opening of the American Exhibition]
The American Exhibition and the Wild West
General Chatter
At The Yankeeries
Untitled [After some very clever shooting by Miss Annie Oakley]
Untitled [Yesterday morning the Prince of Wales visited]
Pigeon Shooting
Untitled [A correspondent writes]
Untitled [The Princess of Wales]
Untitled [Annie Oakley and Gilmore Sharp shot a match]
The Wild West Show
Untitled [Miss Annie Oakley showed that she would be a formidable]
Untitled [It was early on Thursday morning]
Miss Oakley Defeats Graham

Programs and German newspaper articles added


Five new programs have been added:
The Frontier Express and Buffalo Bill’s Pictorial Courier
Story of the Wild West and Camp-Fire Chats
Buffalo Bill’s Wild West and Congress of Rough Riders of the World (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
Program Buffalo Bill. (Col. W. F. Cody) Indian War Pictures
First Public Presentation Last Indian Battles Historical Pictures Company

along with the following German language newspaper articles:
Einem flott und schneidig gerittenen Rennen | A lively and quickly ridden race
Buffalo Bill und seine Truppe in Wien | Buffalo Bill and his Troupe in Vienna
Die berühmte Kunstschützin Miss Annie Oakley | The celebrated sharp–shooter Miss Annie Oakley
Buffalo Bill’s Wild West (Niederrheinische Volkzeitung)
Buffalo Bill’s Wild West (Aachener Post)
Was sich Berlin erzählt | What Berlin reports

More newspaper articles from the 1892 London Scrapbook


Baseball game
The “Wild West” at Play
High Jinks at the Wild West
Base Ball and Mummers
A Baseball Match at the Wild West

Accidents and deaths
Untitled [I wonder if it has ever struck you]
Chasing a Wild Horse in London
Accident at the “Wild West” Show
Killed by a “Wild West” Horse
Untitled [Colonel Cody was among the celebrities up river on Sunday]
Another Letter of Thanks
Untitled [At a quarter to three o’clock yesterday]
Fire at Buffalo Bill’s
Death of a “Wild West” Indian Chief
Death of a “Wild West” Indian Chief
An Indian Chief Is Interred with Singular Ceremony at Brompton
Untitled [I am asked by Mr. John M. Burke, general manager of Buffalo Bill’s Wild West, to state]
The Cemetery Tragedy
Accident at the “Wild West” Show
Untitled [Mr. John M. Burke, general manager of Buffalo Bill’s Wild West]
The Wild West Doctor Is Getting Out of Practice Because he has Nothing to Do

Memorabilia & regalia
Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Review
Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Review
The Wild West
Untitled [Wirth’s Circus familiarised many of us with the American cowboy and his Wild West ways]
Exhibition of Saddlery and Harness
Untitled [Now then, ladies and gentlemen]
The Wild West

At the Wild West
Untitled [Anent curtain calls, a very funny thing occurred]
At the Wild West at Kensington

Buffalo Bill’s Latest
A Novel Railway

English wives
Untitled [Are English wives the best in the world?]
Are English Wives the Best in the World?

Farewell Engagement and Retirement Plans

Other stories found in the 1892 London Scrapbook talk about the farewell engagement of Buffalo Bill’s Wild West and speculation about Cody’s retirement.

Farewell Engagement
Untitled [Buffalo Bill’s farewell engagement is fast drawing to a close]
Untitled [The last weeks are announced of the International Horticultural Exhibition]
Untitled [Positively the last weeks are advertised of Buffalo Bill’s]
Untitled [Colonel Buffalo Bill Cody does not leave London]
Buffalo Bill’s Wild West
Untitled [We are asked to state that the last performance]
Last Performances of the Wild West
Untitled [Mr. Cody shuts up his show at Earl’s-court]
Untitled [It is announced that Europe will not have a chance of seeing Colonel Cody]
Untitled [Buffalo Bill states that he is going out of the show business after the expiration of the Chicago Exhibition]
Buffalo Bill’s Wild West
Untitled [The announcement that the “Wild West” Show at Earl’s Court will close shortly]
Untitled [All who have not seen Buffalo Bill’s Wild West]
Untitled [The announcement that the “Wild West” Show at Earl’s Court will close shortly]
Untitled [Bison William—he of the Wild West Show—will go on a big hunting expedition]
Untitled [The management of the “Wild West” at Earl’s Court announce]
Untitled [In addition to the London Lord Mayor’s Show on the 9th of November]
Untitled [There can no longer be any doubt about it, the Wild West show which is to make its exit]
The Wild West
Untitled [Major Burke, of Buffalo Bill’s Wild West, writes to say]
Untitled [As a good deal of scepticism appears to exist about the farewell performances]
Untitled [Buffalo Bill gives his last show on Wednesday next]
Untitled [Buffalo Bill and the Wild West]
Untitled [“Buffalo Bill’s” stock of horses is advertised for sale]
Buffalo Bill’s Donkeys

Retirement plans
Buffalo Bill will Retire
Untitled [It is refreshing in these days of an over-rated civilisation]
Untitled [Buffalo Bill has been communicating to an interviewer attached to the Players]
Untitled [Buffalo Bill has been been communicating to an interviewer]
Untitled [“Buffalo Bill” has been interviewed]
Untitled [Buffalo Bill has been telling an interviewer that he intends to give up showmanship]
Untitled [“A little place of 95,000 acres” to retire to should be wide enough]
A Child of the Prairie
Untitled [Long ago, under the cleverly constructed title of Colonel the Honorable William F. Cody]
Untitled [Buffalo Bill does not intend to retire, as many people have been induced to suppose]
Untitled [Buffalo Bill does not intend to retire]
Untitled [Colonel Cody has left this country with great regret]
Untitled [Colonel Buffalo Bill Cody does not leave London with the pleasant feeling he had on his first visit]

Performers and performances


The 1892 London Scrapbook also includes many stories about Wild West performers and performances:

Annie Oakley and other female performers and personalities
Untitled [Of skilful marksmen, London is at present crowded]
An Interview with Miss Annie Oakley
Untitled [Those who are fond of witnessing fears of dexterity with both rifle and pistol]
Wild West Ladies
Untitled [Mrs. “Buffalo Bill” is an amiable domestic woman]

Horses and horse riders
Horse Sense
The Broncho
A New Arm for Cavalry
Untitled [The antics of a buck-jumper are intensely amusing to the lookers-on]
Riding Buckers
Untitled [One of the many absorbing features of the varied programme of the “Wild West”]
Untitled [At the Wild West Show spectators are supposed to see]

Horsemen of all nations
With the Gauchos at the “Wild West”
South American Gauchos at the “Wild West”
South American Gauchos at the “Wild West”
Gauchos and Cossacks at the Wild West
The Cossacks at Kensington
Untitled [Buffalo Bill’s collection of horsemen]
Buffalo Bill’s New Horsemen
The Wild West at Earl’s Court
Untitled [The latest addition to the constantly increasing number of clever horsemen]
Untitled [There was quite an unrehearsed reproduction]
Wild West Smoking Concert
The Most Marvellous Riders in the World
The Wild West
The Wild West
Untitled [The latest addition to the constantly increasing number of clever horsemen of all nations]
Untitled [Not content with having gathered a small army of representative rough riders]
Rough Riders of the “Wild West”

Native American performers and news
Kicking Bear as a Model
Untitled [The story of Hall, the Indian scout, is liable to make people think]
Untitled [Truly a blazing afternoon!]
Red and White; or a New Use for Indians
Untitled [Richmond was much interested in the visit of Bill Cody’s “Injuns” last Sunday]
The Ferment in Dakota
The Osage Indians Ghost-Dancing
The Silent Language
The Silent Language
The Sign Speaking
Untitled [Very curious indeed is the testimony of a Kensington clergyman]
The Savage Club

New “Western Justice” act
A Novelty at the Wild West
The Wild West
At the Wild West
The Wild West Wilder than Ever
New Scenes at the “Wild West”
The Wild West Show
Colonels Cody’s Realism
The Wild West
Fresh Attractions at the “Horty”
Untitled [There is no room for a frenzied suggestion]
The Very Wild West
Untitled [There is no room for a frenzied suggestion]
The Wild West Wilder than Ever
Judge Lynch in London

The Audience

Also among the new articles from the 1892 Scrapbook are stories about Queen Victoria and other visitors to the show.

Queen Victoria
The Queen and Buffalo Bill
So Very English
The Wild West Troupe at Windsor
The “Wild West” at Windsor
Garden Party at Windsor
Buffalo Bill at Windsor
A Worthy American
Untitled [The Queen has this week honoured Buffalo Bill]
The “Wild West” at Windsor
The Wild West at Windsor Castle
Untitled [Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Company caused some excitement]

Other dignitaries
Untitled [The other afternoon I met Sarah Bernhardt]
Untitled [Last Friday evening certain of us “ink-stained wretches” (Oscar Wilde)]
Untitled [When Mrs. Langtry was recently a passenger by the Deadwood coach]
Old Friends
Untitled [The Indians belonging to the Wild West show at Earl’s-court]
Untitled [Among the visitors at the Horticultural Exhibition]
Untitled [The veteran Mrs Keeley paid a visit the other day to Buffalo Bill’s “Wild West”]
Untitled [Mrs. Keeley bears so familiar and popular a name in English drama]
Untitled [The veteran Mrs. Keeley paid a visit the other day to Buffalo Bill’s “Wild West”]
Untitled [Pinkerton, the head of the American bloodletting detective organisation]
Untitled [Pinkerton, the head of the American blood-letting detective organisation]
The “Wild West”
Untitled [In the park on Saturday an open carriage containing three gentlemen]
Untitled [His Highness the Maharajah Gaekwar of Baroda, G.C.S.I.]
Untitled [The Duke and Duchess of Portland and a party of friends]

School Children at Buffalo Bill’s “Wild West”
Children at the Floweries
Untitled [The Grand Stand at Buffalo Bill’s “Wild West”]
International Horticultural and “Wild West” Exhibitions
Untitled [The boys and girls of the Licensed Victuallers’ Schools]
Untitled [Looking in at Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show]
Royal Masonic Institution For Boys
Royal Masonic Institution for Boys

Working men’s association
Presentation to Buffalo Bill
Untitled [“Buffalo Bill’s” audience]
The Wild West
Buffalo Bill’s Wild West
Untitled [On Saturday evening Colonel Cody (Buffalo Bill) was the recipient of an illuminated address]
Untitled [It would be a hard task to determine upon what grounds the delegates of the London Working Men’s Association]
Untitled [Mr. Natt Salsbury, the well-known American actor]
Jack Plane
Presentation to Buffalo Bill

200th performance
Untitled [At the 200th performance of Buffalo Bill’s “Wild West,” which takes place to-day]
Untitled [On Thursday last Col. Cody commemorated the 200th performance]
Untitled [At the 200th performance of Buffalo Bill’s “Wild West”]
Untitled [At the two hundredth performance of Buffalo Bill’s “Wild West”]

Attendance figures
Untitled [But if our own folk wandered forth]
Amusements in London
Bank Holiday Figures
Untitled [The number of persons who attended]
Untitled [Up to last night the total number of visitors to Buffalo Bill’s show]
The Horticultural Exhibition and the Wild West Show