More newspaper articles added

Fred May in Trouble Again
World’s Riders with Buffalo Bill
Rough Riders of the World
Mexican Riders for the Wild West
Daring Feats by Horsemen
Delighted Twenty Thousand
“Lo” to be Civilized
Wild West Show Attractions
Cowboys Save Four Lives
High Bear—Holy Blanket
Life at the Wild West Show
Cowboys and Mexicans Danced
Roughriders from Far Frontiers
Footprints At The Wild West Show
Buffalo Bill at Ambrose Park
Hammitt, Chief of Cowboys
Buffalo Bill’s Steward
The Wild West Pony Express
Scientists Visit the Wild West
The Greatest Summer Show
Ignorant of Firearms
Last Weeks of the Wild West
Preparing to Close
Wild West’s Season Waning
To Close Saturday Night
Wild West Show Opening
Buffalo Bill’s Street Parade
Wild West Show Opens
Horsemen of All Nations
Buffalo Bill’s Show
Wild West Amuses Newport
A Talk with Cody
Buffalo Bill
Cody on Woman Suffrage
The Fierce Cossacks
The Rise and Fall of the Pony Express
Buffalo Bill’s Show
Buffalo Bill’s Wild West
Rough Riders Did Well
Warriors of All Nations
An Ethenological Congress
Horsemanship of All Nations
Types of Horsemanship
It is to Educate
The Real Heroes Of the Late War Will Visit This City on Friday
Wants Him To Ring Off
“Bill” Cody’s Show
Buffalo Bill Writes a New True Tale of Frontier Heroism and Explains the Origin of the Term “Rough Riders”
May Lead To A Duel
Buffalo Bill and Fred May
Fred May’s Last Mistake
Buffalo Bill’s Show
The Wild West Camp
Crowds at the Wild West Show
A Day with the Wild West
Colonel Cody’s Rough Riders
Buffalo Bill’s Hunting


New newspaper articles online


The following newspaper articles are now available:

The Wild West on the Sea
Indian Not a Stoic
Indians Protest against Battle Picture
Indians Enter Protest
Red Cloud | The Sioux Chief Makes His Statement
Buffalo Bill’s Indians at the Vatican
Indian’s Appeal | Red Cloud, Aged Sioux Chieftan, Writes Pathetic Letter to Buffalo Bill
The American-Indian Fighting
Untitled [The hostile Indians]
The American Indian Rising
The American Indian Rising | Reuter’s Telegrams
Buffalo Bill’s Visit to Glasgow
Untitled [Buffalo Bill and his braves]
Untitled [Colonel Cody is European in celebrity]
Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show in Glasgow
Buffalo Bill’s Wild West
Miss Annie Oakley
“The Wild West” opens on Thursday
Town Tattle | [The “Wild West” fever is running high]
Police Bazaar Sketches
Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show in Glasgow
“Buffalo Bill’s” Wild West Show in Glasgow
Opening of Buffalo Bill’s Show
Buffalo Bill’s Wild West
Untitled [Buffalo Bill opening]
Buffalo Bill’s “Wild West”
Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show
Untitled [Buffalo William as Artemus Ward]
Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show
Buffalo Bill’s Show
Untitled [Buffalo Bill a picturesque figure]
Untitled [I prefer Lo the poor Indian]
Buffalo Bill’s Wild West
Buffalo Bill and Indians In Grand Hotel
Buffalo Bill and the School Children
Untitled [Buffalo Bill’s Wild West]
Untitled [Comical attempt to imitate Buffalo Bill]
Charging Thunder
Marriage of Buffalo Bill’s Interpreter
“Charging Thunder” Gets Thirty Days | His Lemonade Was Mixed
Monday Gossip [Colonel Cody]
“Charging Thunder” Sent to Prison
The Wild West Show
Untitled [Courtesy of Colonel Cody]
Untitled [Several ladies from the Medical Mission Training Home]
Untitled [Mr. Nat Salisbury to celebrate New Year in the United States]
Untitled [Commencement of the second portion of stay]
Untitled [Our cartoon Shulis performers]
The Wild West Show
Untitled [Major Burke of the Wild West]
Untitled [Cowboy Band]
Untitled [Buffalo Bill concluding nights]
Wild West Show
Buffalo Bill’s Wild West
Wild West Show-Coatbridge and Airdrie
Untitled [Colonel Cody’s mammoth show]
Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Cowboy Band
Wild West Cowboy Band Entertainment
The “Wild West” End
Entertainment in the Theatre Royal
Close of the Wild West Show
Departure of Buffalo Bill’s Indians
Town Tattle | [“Groveries” did not survive long]
Shooting Accident at Pebbles

Newspaper articles added to the archive

The following newspaper articles have been added to the archive:

Buffalo Bill’s Views
Sitting Bull Talks
The Indian War
The Indian Campaign
The Savages and Schurz
Buffalo Bill’s Good-Bye
Indians as Soldiers
Indians at Police Headquarters
His First Indian
Cody Lauds President
Col. Cody, Scout and Indian Fighter
Buffalo Bill on the Indian
Blessed by the Pope
Rumors of a Battle
Lo, The Poor Settler
No Battle Took Place
Red Men Bite the Dust
Buffalo Bill’s Indians
Half-Breeds Scared
Buffalo Bill’s Gloomy View
Buffalo Bill Gloomy
The Indian War
Fought His Last Fight
Lieut. Casey Murdered
Will Surrender Today
The Last Chapter
Indians Remain Out
Indian War
Indian Uprising
Dissatisfied Indians
“Buffalo Bill” in the Vatican
Talk With Buffalo Bill
Buffalo Bill as a Brave
Dug Rifle Pits
Expert Rough Riding
At The Vatican
Among The Indians
Indians and Buffaloes

25 new newspaper articles up

The following newspaper articles have been added:

The American in London
The American Exhibition
Buffalo Bill Going to London
Buffalo Bill’s New Show
Buffalo Bill’s Near Farewell
London Conquered
Untitled [The career of Buffalo William in England]
The Wild West Show in Berlin
Mr. B. Bill at Hamburg
Gossip from Abroad
Buffalo Bill in Berlin
The News of Europe
Rival Shows
Buffalo Bill’s German Tour
Buffalo Bill Protests
Our Sioux Swells
The Two Wild Wests
Royal Visit to the American Exhibition
Buffalo Bill in Europe
The Wild West Way
Buffalo Bill Going to Europe
The Lion of London
A Letter From Buffalo Bill
The King of the Cowboys
Cody’s Indians Come Back

More European tours materials available

The following articles from periodicals have been added:

Wapiti-Running on the Plains
The American Exhibition
Buffalo Bill and the Wild West
Buffalo Bill’s First Trail
The American Exhibition
The Only Jones
Cowboys and Buffalo Bill
“Buffalo Bill” to Uncle Sam
Buffalo Bill Upon the Indian Question
Buffalo Bill’s New Horsemen
Summary of News
Buffalo Bill and Bouncing Joe
British Side-Glances at America

These British newspaper articles have also been added:

Buffalo Bill Booming
With the Indians on the Derby Day
Some Still Wilder Reminiscences
Latest News from the Wild West
Guy Fawkes Celebration
“Wild West” Indians at a Police Court
Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show
Buffalo Bill’s “Wild West” in Manchester
The Wild West Show
Buffalo Bill Burlesqued at the Cardiff Theatre
A Sioux Baby’s Baptism
The Wild West Show
The Sunday Amusements of the Upper Classes
Farewell Performance of the Wild West

Oakley and Crager scrapbook materials now available

The following newspaper articles from the Annie Oakley Scrapbook (McCracken Research Library, Buffalo Bill Center of the West, MS6.3681) are now available:

The Indian Rising
Death of Annie Oakley
“Little Sure Shot’s” All Right
She Is Not Dead
Untitled [All counter attractions are totally eclipsed by the presence of Colonel W. F. Cody]
Buffalo Bill In Belgium
The Wild West Show in Leeds
Miss Annie Oakley’s Guns
Untitled [Annie Oakley performs marvels of accurate shooting]
Miss Annie Oakley
Brighton Society
Untitled [The programme which was rendered famous]
Buffalo Bill as a Rifle Shot
An Interview with Miss Annie Oakley

In addition, the following articles from George Crager’s scrapbook (McCracken Research Library, Buffalo Bill Center of the West, MS6.3772) are up:

An Indian Fighter’s Views
Born on the Briny Deep
Otakte’s Condition Unchanged
“Kills His Pony” No More
Untitled [Otakte died in Bellevue Hospitalon Tuesday]
To Sleep on the Happy Hunting Grounds
Kill-His-Pony Is Dead
Kills-Many Is Dead
Gone To the Happy Hunting Ground
Untitled [Pallbearers for Kill His Pony]
Last of a Brave
Otakte Dies in Bellevue
Killed-His-Pony Buried
Hungry Redmen
Natives Arrive
Big Injuns with Big Appetites
Hatchets For Buffalo Bill
Low Neck, The Poor Indian
Low Neck Gives a Better Report
No-Neck Has Spoken
Chief No Neck’s Story
Buffalo Bill Is Home Again
“Buffalo Bill” At Home
Pleased with the Talk
What Is Going on in the Theatrical World
An Hour with General Cody
Brussels Gossip
Sermons In Rhyme
The Wild West in Leeds
Among The Indians
Leeds Evening Express
The Wild West Show
Marriage of Indians at Old Trafford
Untitled [Cody’s stay in Manchester]
The Wild West in Sheffield
An Indian Festival at the “Wild West”
The Wild West at Stoke
The Death of a Wild West Indian
The Death of “Eagle Star” in Sheffield
Among The Indians
The “Wild West” in Cardiff (Evening Express)
The Wild West at Cardiff (Western Mail)
Untitled [Mr. Crager, the interpreter]
The “Wild West” Show At Cardiff (Evening Express)
The “Wild West” In Bristol
Buffalo Bill at Portsmouth
Round the “Wild West”
“Buffalo Bill” At Brighton
Redskins At St. Paul’s
Buffalo Bill’s Wild West
The Wild West Show
The Red Man’s Lament
The Red Man’s Lament
Painted Critics at the Play
The Future of the Red Man

More newspaper articles added

The following newspaper articles from the Stroebel Scrapbook (McCracken Research Library, Buffalo Bill Center of the West, MS6.3679) are now online:

The Wild West. The Return to America. Interview With The Manager.
The Future of the Red Man. An Interview with Red Shirt. How the Indian Chief Met Buffalo Bill.
No. 37.—Major John M. Burke. (“Arizona John.”)
London Letter
Buffalo Bill’s Wild West
Birth at the Wild West Camp
The Luck of Cody’s Camp
Christening an Indian Baby
Buffalo Bill’s Wild West
Christening the Papoose
Untitled [Tremendous jubilation]
The Wild West
An Admirer of “Buffalo Bill”
Untitled [Letter to Mr. B. Goodall]
Sale of Buffalo Bill’s Stock
American Broncho Horses v. English Thoroughbreds
Serious Shooting Accident at The Wild West