Business correspondence added

60 new business letters and telegrams have been added to the correspondence section. Fifty-eight of the letters — wfc.css00510, wfc.css00530585 and wfc.css00588 — are from William F. Cody to George T. Beck. One (wfc.css00587) is from Cody to Horace Alger and one (wfc.css00586) is to Edward Goodman. In addition, a personography entry has been made for James A. Bailey and an encyclopedia entry for the Lincoln Land Company.

Notes added to 60 letters

Annotations have been added to 60 letters – css00440 to css00500 – most from William F. Cody to George Beck. In addition, nine people have been added to the personography – George Canfield, Sherman Canfield, Edward Goodman, Frank Grouard, Charles Hayden, Theodore Heckert, John Peake, Jerry Ryan, and Ernest Van Dreveldt – and three encyclopedia entries have been added – Cotton States and International Exposition, the W. F. Cody Transportation Company, and Marquette, Wyoming.

People Added; Letters Annotated

Three people have been added to the personography: Dennis Cunningham, Henry Gerrans, and William Paxton. In addition, updates have been made to Horace Alger, George Bleistein, William Hymer, and Bronson Rumsey, and the Shoshone Irrigation Company has been added to the encyclopedia.

The following letters to George Beck have also been annotated:
css00434 March 2, 1892
css00435 May 5, 1895
css00436 May 9, 1895
css00437 May 12, 1895
css00438 June 3 [1895]
css00439 June 14, 1895