New Papers Added to Scholarship

Five new abstracts have been added to the Scholarship section:

00010: From Toronto to Grasshopper Falls: The Westering Impulse of the Codys to 1865 by Kaci Nash

00011: Become Buffalo Bill: William F. Cody and the Transformative Effects of the 1862 Railroad and Homestead Acts on the Kansas Great Plains Experience by Brent Rogers

00012: Nebraska Plainsman to the Nation, 1869-1883 by Douglas Seefeldt

00013: Saving and Enjoying the Vanishing Wild West: William F. Cody as a Preservationist and Sportsman by Adam Hodge

00014: Rope-Trick Revolution: Transforming Representations of Vaqueros in “Wild West” Exhibitions by Pablo Rangel

00015: William F. Cody and the Railroads: The Role of the Old West and the New West in the Development of Cody, Wyoming by Michelle Tiedje

New Additions to Scholarship

Two new additions have been added to the Scholarship section:

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