New Papers Added to Scholarship

Five new abstracts have been added to the Scholarship section:

00010: From Toronto to Grasshopper Falls: The Westering Impulse of the Codys to 1865 by Kaci Nash

00011: Become Buffalo Bill: William F. Cody and the Transformative Effects of the 1862 Railroad and Homestead Acts on the Kansas Great Plains Experience by Brent Rogers

00012: Nebraska Plainsman to the Nation, 1869-1883 by Douglas Seefeldt

00013: Saving and Enjoying the Vanishing Wild West: William F. Cody as a Preservationist and Sportsman by Adam Hodge

00014: Rope-Trick Revolution: Transforming Representations of Vaqueros in “Wild West” Exhibitions by Pablo Rangel

00015: William F. Cody and the Railroads: The Role of the Old West and the New West in the Development of Cody, Wyoming by Michelle Tiedje