More European Tours newspaper articles online

The following newspaper articles have been added to the archive:

A Hopeful Prospect
The American Exhibition, May 1, 1887
Conservative Meeting at Woodbridge
The American Exhibition, May 9, 1887
Opening of the American Exhibition in London
The American Exhibition, May 10, 1887
London Notes
Royal Visit to the Wild West
The American Exhibition, May 13, 1887
The Children’s Hour
Accident at the American Exhibition
Fighting and Trapping out West
Royal Visit to the American Exhibition
The Provinces
Rival Buffalo Bills
Curious Proceedings at the “Wild West”


German materials added

The scout Buffalo Bill. Carl Henckel. München 91.

Image from Buffalo Bill and his Wild West: The scout Buffalo Bill.
Carl Henckel. München 91.

A book and newspaper articles from the 1890 tour in Germany have been added to the archive:

Buffalo Bill und sein wilder Westen | Buffalo Bill and his Wild West
Bei Buffalo Bill | At Buffalo Bill’s
Eine Antrittsvisite bei Buffalo Bill | An opening visit at Buffalo Bill
In Buffalo Bill’s Wild West
Bei Buffalo Bill | At Buffalo Bill’s
Buffalo Bill in Berlin
Wild West in Berlin
Untitled [Die Verwaltung der Buffalo Bill Wild West Co.] | Untitled [The management of the Buffalo Bill Wild West Co.]

The Enduring Global Legacy of Buffalo Bill’s Wild West

The C-SPAN 3 broadcast of our panel discussion is now online :

The Enduring Legacy of Buffalo Bill’s Wild West

A roundtable discussion featuring Jeremy Johnston, Buffalo Bill Center of the West; Douglas Seefeldt, Ball State University; Frank Christianson, Brigham Young University; Michelle Delaney, Smithsonian Institution; and Riva Freifeld, Documentary Filmmaker. Fifty-Fourth Annual Conference of the Western History Association, Newport Beach, CA, October 17, 2014.

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Programs and posters up

Three new programs have been added to the archive:

A Peep at the Wild West
The Rough Rider Annual
Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Brief Program, England

And The Wild West Buffalo Bill and Dr. Carver Rocky Mountain and Prairie Exhibition has been updated to add missing text.

Also two new posters are up:

Johnnie Baker, The Marvelous Marksman
The Visit of Their Majesties

American Exhibition Album and more British Tour articles added

The Souvenir Album of the visit of Her Majesty Queen Victoria to the American Exhibition is now available on the Cody Archive.

In addition, the following newspaper articles about the 1887 British Tour are now up:
Buffalo Bill’s Big Visitors
Too Realistic
“Buffalo Bill”
Letter from Buffalo Bill
The Queen at the Wild West Show
Buffalo Bill in England
Buffalo Bill’s Letter
Sioux Against Pawnees
Letters from the Old Country

More newspaper articles online

These newspaper articles regarding the British tour are now online:

The Lion of London
“Gath’s” Visit to Buffalo Bill
The Queen at the Show
Buffalo Bill
Nate Salsbury’s Welcome
The Wild West Show
“Red Indians in Camp”
Buffalo Bill as an Author
Track and stable talk
Sugared Popcorn
The Coming of Cody
Notes and Opinions
Buffalo Bill Back
Buffalo Bill a Bigger Man Than Minister Phelps
Buffalo Bill’s Barbecue
My First Dead Indian
The Wild West
“Wild West” Show a Success
The Cowboy Craze
Fighting and Trapping
Buffalo Bill’s Long Ride
Buffalo Bill’s Bar
Untitled [In Matthew Arnold’s last criticism]
Buffalo Bill and Albert Edward
Buffalo Bill in England
They Went Back and Lied
The Biggest Man in London
Americans in London
Rambles about Europe
The National Defenses